Tori Holmes

Tori Holmes

Date: : September, 2013

Tori Holmes is an author, entrepreneur, a graduate from the Canadian school of natural nutrition and the youngest woman to have crossed the Atlantic in a rowing boat. She is an inspiring and accomplished woman with an empowering message to share!

The Spice Mistress is honoured to welcome Tori Holmes as the focus of this month’s Pancha Q.

“Following my Atlantic Crossing in a 24-ft ocean rowing boat and the publishing of my book “Crossing the Swell” I have been lucky and honoured to share my story at conferences, public & private schools, galas and corporate functions around the world. My journey included dehydration, sleep deprivation, emotional lows, immense physical pain and 12 hours of rowing a day for 86 days. ??I survived the crossing both in body and spirit by believing that the difficult you do immediately; the impossible takes a little longer.”


1. How do you begin your day?

Tori: I begin my day by hitting my alarm clock 20 times – just kidding, but not really. I am a very lucid dreamer so I love to get as much time in the morning consciously dreaming. This is a really important and crucial part of my day where I visualize all that I am manifesting until I can feel it and believe it. Once I find my “groove” I get out of bed, usually 10 – 15 minutes every morning.

2. What’s one piece of life changing health advice you can share with others?

Tori: I have two I live by…

1. Learning how to intuitively eat.

2. When I rowed across the Atlantic we had a quote on our boat that read “the difficult you do immediately, the impossible takes a little longer”. I try to approach every challenge with this mindset and it has served me rowing oceans, breast cancer and launching new businesses. I share this nugget of knowledge with anyone who will listen.

3. What’s one thing that gives you hope for the future?

Tori: Women! I am inspired by a generation of empowerment. I see my sisters, girlfriends and colleagues alike all having the courage to follow their path in the last year. All of which are inspired to nurture and bring value to the world in some form or another. The future to me looks full of endless possibilities through intra/entrepreneurship.

4. Any lifestyle ‘Crimes against Wisdom’ (Prajnaparadha) that challenge you?

Tori: This is an easy one for me. I am a potato chip-aholic!! I try to have balance in most parts of my life and intuitively eat. Potato chips do not support my health, I never feel great after eating a WHOLE BAG (common occurrence) but they are truly my most joyous indulgence.

5. A moment of beauty that inspired you today?

Tori: I walked through a rainbow of colours at the farmers market. Beets, carrots, chard, kale, cucumber are inspiring to me everyday.

Thank you for the interview, Tori. Om Shanti!

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