Pamela Chatry

Pamela Chatry

Date:: April, 2012

Pamela Chatry is a Personal Business Manager and Executive Managing Director of eWomen Network Vancouver, is a trusted and highly respected advisor within the small business community, an accomplished educator, and an ardent supporter of all things entrepreneurial. As an expert in small business management, specializing in women’s businesses, Pamela offers organizational support services to entrepreneurs and small business owners. She is a volunteer with the YMCA’s Self-Employment Program and a mentor at the Capilano College Self-Employment Program.

The Spice Mistress is honoured to welcome Pamela Chatry as the focus of this month’s Pancha Q.

In 2009, Pamela became Managing Director for eWomen Network Vancouver, Her fervent belief in the support and promotion of women in business is a natural extension of the eWomen Network philosophy: lift as you climb. For Pamela, in business and in life, there is no substitute for the human connection.

Pamela is known as a champion for women and their businesses and amongst her many contributions and achievements, was winner of the 2010 Business Person of the Year, Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce.

1. How do you begin your day?

Pamela: I have been travelling to Costa Rica every year for the last 5 years.   I stay for up to a month.  When I get to Costa Rica, I immediately get into the rhythm of Pura Vida (Pure Life).  In Costa Rica, this means making a cup of coffee, taking my current favorite paperback, the binoculars, the Costa Rican bird guide and heading for the front porch to bask in the dawn of a new day.  The tropical bird sounds are amazing and the birds themselves are a never ending source of entertainment.  After an hour or two of enjoying the dawn, I head for the beach.  This is all about walking, examining shells, watching my favorite bird, ‘los pelicanos’, do the fly-by’s and listening to the waves.  So that’s my Costa Rican mornings!

When I come home, the big challenge is to ask myself how I can replicate the experience at home with black winter mornings.  So, I manage the coffee, the current book of the day and an hour of reading before turning on life.  As it becomes light, I try to fit in a lovely long walk through the woods with my English Cocker Spaniel Kip.

2. What’s one piece of life changing health advice you can share with others?

Pamela: I have a quirky way of approaching health advice. I look around me constantly and see all the people who are living examples of what not to do.  They suffer from severe work overload, stress-related illnesses, poor diet choices, little or no exercise and no quality of life.  I don’t want that life nor do I want the pain that comes with it, both metaphorically or physically.  I appreciate the lessons these people teach me because they keep me from going into denial about what poor life choices can do.

None of us are immune to illness or death.  If you are in denial about your immortality, stop and look at those people you love who are living poor lifestyles and learn from them. They are living examples of short lives.  Is that what you want?  Make the decision to live a long healthy and happy life.  It doesn’t take much…smile more, walk more, dance more, cuddle more, and say more nice things every day to someone!

3. What’s one thing that gives you hope for the future?

Pamela: In my work with women and their business, I meet so many women who really want to not only make money for themselves but also give some away.   I believe women and their ‘heart-centered’ businesses will change the world, one dollar at a time.

4. Any lifestyle ‘Crimes against Wisdom’ (Prajnaparadha) that challenge you?

Pamela: I’m really working at accepting that I just cannot make everyone happy.  In my role as Executive Managing Director for eWomen Network Vancouver Region, I am in charge of organizing many small and large events over a year.  The devil that sits on my shoulder is the oldest child and the perfectionist.  It says that everyone should be happy and the event perfect.  This leadership role has been so worthwhile as it teaches me that we can only do the best we can.  I make every attempt to listen to feedback, learn from the comments and work at accepting that people share their feelings based upon their perception and experience.

It is also important to remind myself that, for the most part, the feedback is with the best of intentions.  I’m learning to take the suggestions and combine that with my knowledge and experience.  As the leader, I acknowledge that I do need to sometimes make decisions for the many, rather than the few and that I won’t always be liked for the decisions I do make.   Is this what growing up is like?

5. A moment of beauty that inspired you today?

Pamela: We are in the midst of another March storm.  I am wondering if winter will ever be over.  The trees are bending over sideways, the rain is all over my window and there peaking out at me is a group of flowers on a shrub.  Spring is just around the corner…I hope.

Thank you for the interview, Pamela. Om Shanti!

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