Lindsey Lewis

Lyndsey Lewis

Date: January 2014

Lyndsey Lewis is a seeker of the light within. Liberation. Freedom. Joy. Being uniquely and deeply happy. She offers one-on-one coaching, yoga classes, 30-Day Happiness Challenges, and more.

The Spice Mistress is honoured to welcome Lyndsey Lewis as the focus of this month’s Pancha Q.


1. How do you begin your day?

Lyndsey: Tapping into the light within. I clear physical, emotional and mental blocks. I find equilibrium, elevate my awareness, and anchor into life. My morning walking meditation, yoga and meditation practice is my way of welcoming whatever comes.

2. What’s one piece of life changing health advice you can share with others?

Lyndsey: You have an incredible amount of inner wisdom. And we can learn how to listen and how to understand. We can be guided from within.

3. What’s one thing that gives you hope for the future?

Lyndsey: Staying present.

4. Any lifestyle ‘Crimes against Wisdom’ (Prajnaparadha) that challenge you?

Lyndsey: Chocolate.

5. A moment of beauty that inspired you today?

Lyndsey: Shared delight between strangers experiencing their first snowfall of the season.

Thank you for the interview, Lyndsey. Om Shanti!

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