Christine Monaghan

Christine Monaghan

Date:: March 2014

Christine Monaghan is a vibrant entrepreneur with incredible generosity and great heart. Christine loves to connect people and watch them flourish through meant-to-be meetings of like-minded souls, encouraging and cheering each other on.

The Spice Mistress is honoured to welcome Christine Monaghan as the focus of this month’s Pancha Q.

I have spent 25+ years cultivating and honing my evolving self. My productive purpose is to spark inspired-acumen and transform in entrepreneurs with creative flare. I have an innate knack for connecting the right individuals and companies to collaborate on their bigger idea and purpose. I offer this experience, acumen and resources through The Entrepreneur Lifestyle Network (ELN). A thriving entrepreneur experience is influenced by cultivating inner strength to witness business strength.

Having raised millions of dollars in sponsorship, funding for event properties, corporate clients and co-produced 80.000 person international events, I learned that sales is absolutely a creative process that is established from the inside out.

Currently, ELN offers: a weekly radio show; a breakfast every other month; Start Strong, an audio program with six inspiring entrepreneurs; individual and group mentor programs on creating money-making revenue streams and implementing a creative sales system; and, my book, HeartBroke, An Entrepreneurs Journey from Near-Death to Possibilities. I love gardening, strolling the lane with the pups, enjoying home-baked spelt bread, pot luck dinner with friends, yoga and athletic activities. Growing heirloom garlic (250+ bulbs) is my most recent hobby. Devouring books of all sorts with a mug of tea or glass of vino is my perfect Sunday afternoon reprieve.


1. How do you begin your day?

Christine: For years, I jumped out of bed with my mind whirling, body full steam ahead without any thought to the experience I wanted for the day. Now, I wake around 6/6:30 and luxuriate in a few minutes to set an intention for how I want to experience the day before I ease out of bed. Just this morning, my intention was to give and receive as much love as possible. Low and behold, an organic gift basket showed up at my door (how many times does this happen?) and I received an unexpected etransfer – gotta love it!

My day starts with a mug of home-made lemon-ginger tea with maple syrup while my black tea steeps and I prepare oatmeal with sliced apples, flaxseed, cinnamon topped with almond milk and maple syrup. My system responds to warm in my tummy. In the summer, I’m a shake gal. I make time to connect with our two pups – give them a kiss, feed them and go for a 10 minute stroll to breathe in possibilities.

I have a couple of rituals for my biz day. When I first sit down in the morning, I select my top three priorities to achieve. As well, I randomly choose and read one page from the “Ask and it is Given” book – it always speaks to me. Then, I’m pretty laser focussed on my due diligence until 10:30/11 when I take a break to workout (yoga dvd, spin to some music, strength training). It is a civilized approach.

2. What’s one piece of life changing health advice you can share with others?


Well, I have two. First, take ownership of what is or is not showing up in terms of your health and trust what your senses tell you. The more I read, learn and experience, the more I understand the significance of our thoughts and the role they play in keeping us well or not. To become mindful of our thoughts is the first step in shifting thoughts which are not productive or positive. There’s much documentation and evidence of individuals transforming their cellular make-up from mastering their mind. For me, reading inspiring books and meditating helps me take ownership of my thoughts and choose to create good ones.

The second is FUN. Assuming we nourish our bodies, mind and spirit, fun is vastly under-rated in terms of building our immune system as well as inspiring a creative approach in business. Fun comes in many forms. For me, FUN includes: super healthy and delicious potluck dinners with my friends weekly – we share amazing food, organic wines and plenty of laughs with one another. It feeds us on all levels and we absolutely know we’re there for one another; puttering around in my heirloom garlic garden, 300 bulbs and 8 varieties this year – I get such a kick out of the process and love giving it away and utilizing it throughout the winter; weekend coffees at the market (I’m in the process of buying a bike to go to and from this spring); snuggling up with a large mug of tea or glass of vino on a weekend afternoon and a terrific book; home projects (I just transformed my old dining room table, sanded and stained it into a new look and feel); music – if I need to shift my mood, I change the music.

3. What’s one thing that gives you hope for the future?

Christine: The emerging entrepreneur economy and the role of belief. Belief is it. It doesn’t hurt anyone to believe in a dream, goal or vision. If you wake up each day and make your choices from unwavering belief in that which you desire, it will absolutely lead you to the next best place. Belief allows for a certain magic to occur where individuals, scenarios and happenings seem to just effortlessly appear. I’ve learned to practice daily due diligence for that which I desire while surrendering to how it unfolds. There is a freedom associated with belief, a knowing and reverence that there’s a much bigger thing a play, so no need to push to make anything happen. An entrepreneur economy speaks to the premise of belief on an individual and collective level, which can influence and transcend communities, cultures, countries to evolve through mindfulness.

4. Any lifestyle ‘Crimes against Wisdom’ (Prajnaparadha) that challenge you?


Old world red wine and organic dark chocolate – love both and truly believe they feed my soul. I consume both in moderation daily which minimizes the want to over-consume either. Delicious, healthy and fun.

5. A moment of beauty that inspired you today?

Christine: Watching Rudi, our 13.5 year chocolate lab move out of the way, so Angel, our 9-year Jack Russell could eat the rest of the treats I’d given them – WOW! I’ve learned so much about LOVE from Rudi. Her entire purpose in this lifetime is to give as much love and affection to as many that are open to receive it. And, she is soooo loved by so many.


Thank you for the interview, Christine. Om Shanti!

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