The Mystic Masala - A Love Story

Evolution is inevitable. Change is desirable. Beauty is everywhere.

I am thrilled to share with you a very beautiful love story of evolution and change as I say Au Revoir but certainly not Goodbye!

First I want to THANK YOU for enjoying The Mystic Masala product line and supporting a company with ethical fair trade practices and all natural products that have made everyone happy including you, me, and Mother Nature. Miracles abound in the life of a true believer and I have always desired the exquisite, and beloved Mystic Masala Ayurvedic Aromatherapy line to grow wings of the most luminous kind. Over the last 14 years I have been creating with the utmost love, care, passion and skill, a product line of deep integrity to the earth, to the Ayurvedic traditional wisdoms, and to my soul’s vision.  I have partnered with the most incredible communities, herb-gatherers, wild-crafters and magic-makers to create aromatherapy products for your profound pleasure and well-being. Read more >>


So much has happened since we said farewell.

Just two weekends ago we had our final sale at the Mystic Masala Aromapothecary and yesterday was our last day of online sales. In the midst of final contracts and farewells, a natural disaster struck our Beloved Nepal. A tragic event which affects us all.

If you have enjoyed our Ayurvedic product line, you may know it was lovingly made at Wild Earth Nepal, a women’s fair trade co-op in Kathmandu. I have been working with these remarkable women for over 13 years and when I heard about the earthquake all I wanted was to help my extended Wild Earth family. They have brought such beauty to all who have experienced their gifts. Read more >>

Aroma for Your Dosha - The Nose Knows!From the Mystic Musings newsletter for January 2015 >>

  Just one sniff of a pure essential oil and your limbic system responds YES or NO. Your nose knows – so use that as your ultimate guide when choosing your aromatherapy friends. For list of specific scents for each dosha, feel free to download our AROMA FOR YOUR DOSHA chart below. Read more >>

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A poem from me for you, as a warm and loving thank you for choosing The Mystic Masala, nature, and the wisdom of Ayurveda for your self-care, your gift-giving, and your daily routines.

My love and passion, my joy and creative expression, are all inspired by the generosity of the aromatic plants and the gifts of nature. I will continue to develop and offer 100% pure, authentic Ayurvedic products, so you feel delicious and delighted when using them, and to respect, love and treasure our sacred Earth. Read more >>

Mystic Masala Holiday Open House - Give LIGHTHoliday Giving Made 100% real, beautiful & natural! All happening in our unique ‘secret sacred oasis’ boutique on ‘The Drive’.


Mother Maya

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The Mystic Masala Aromapothecary is opening April 16Spring is truly a renewal and this year so many seeds that have been planted are coming into being.

I am opening my very first retail store in Vancouver on April 16th – The Mystic Masala Aromapothecary – a sanctuary of aromatic goodness and fragrant delights. All natural of course, drawing from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

Essential oil blends, aromatic spice blends, massage oils, herbal soaps, aromatherapy candles, aromatic jewels, aphrodisiac love potions, all the beauty you can find at my online store and many, many more treasures there to discover.

I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you!

Day 7 Mantra

Fragrant and Happy New Year Greetings!

I simply want to say.

Everything you need is inside you.