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What Dosha Are You?

Each dosha contains aspects of all the five elements — ether, air, fire, water and earth — in varying degrees. Which dosha or combination of doshas are you? Read the descriptions below.


Vata DoshaVATA dances quickly and lightly through the forest, darting from tree to flower to grass, hardly still, always moving, creating stories of wonder in their heads as they whirl through thoughts, ideas and activities with enthusiasm and spontaneity.

Elements: Vata contains the elements of Air (wind) and Ether (Space). The qualities characterizing Vata reflect its elements. These are dry, cold, light, quick, rough, subtle, astringent and mobile.

Characteristics: Vata dosha is responsible for mental functions like intuition, creativity, imagination, sensitivity, spontaneity, indecisiveness and emotions like exhilaration, fear, anxiety and doubt. Vata makes possible all the communication and movement within the body and mind. Think about the amazing activities within the body like the pumping action of the heart, breathing of the lungs, elimination of wastes, expression of speech and mobility of the bones, muscles and joints. It makes sense that without Vata the other dosha are inactive.

Indications & Balance: Those with predominant Vata are susceptible to nervous/anxiety disorders, insomnia, constipation, dryness of skin and cold temperatures. Vata is aggravated by astringent, bitter and pungent flavors, by excess wind and cold as well as irregular routines, by dry, light foods and lack of sleep. Vata is pacified by sweet, sour and salty tastes and by the qualities of warmth, moisture and regularity, soothing scents, and warming teas and spices to maintain their balance and inspire their vitality.

Pitta DoshaPITTA runs confidently through the forest, aimed intently at their goal, they see the beauty of nature and take it in, undistracted. Courageously striding past wild forest creatures, they reach their destination with a fiery determination and the joy of accomplishment.

Elements: Pitta is made up of the elements of Fire and Water. Pitta qualities reflect those of its elements. They are hot, moist, light, fluid, sour, pungent, sharp and penetrating (intense). Pitta, like fire is transformative. The water aspect of Pitta keeps its fire element from destruction.

Characteristics: Pitta is responsible for mental functions like confidence, ambition, focus, intelligence, and emotions like joy, excitement, courage, anger, jealousy and aggression. The Pitta fire is what transforms food to nutrients and sensory input to understanding and intelligent action. Pitta is responsible for digestion, absorption assimilation, and all metabolic transformation going on in the body as well as the mind. It also regulates the complexion and visual perception.

Indications & Balance: Those with predominant Pitta are susceptible to skin conditions, heartburn, diarrhea, irritability, anger and overheating. Pitta types are aggravated by sour, pungent and salty flavors, excess heat, skipping meals, repressed emotions and hot, damp climates. So, they need the opposite tastes of bitter, sweet and astringent, and cool, dry, calm and sweet qualities, calming scents, and cooling teas and spices in order to maintain their sharp intelligence and vibrancy.

Kapha DoshaKAPHA roams peacefully through the forest, meandering amongst the sweet scent of flowers and trees, stopping to talk with deer and to ponder the day. Slow and steady from forest to meadow, from valley to mountain, steadfast and strong through all walks of life.

Elements: Kapha is a combination of the elements Water and Earth. Kapha reflects the qualities of those elements such as heavy, cold, wet, slow, steady, soft, sweet, thick, oily and smooth. Think of Kapha as cohesive, literally giving shape, density, form and structure to the body.

Characteristics: The Kapha dosha is responsible for mental functions like memory, serenity, faith, forgiveness, devotion, and emotions like love, affection, calmness, patience, sympathy, attachment, depression, greed and lethargy. Kapha provides the function of growth, development, stability, lubrication, and storage within the body.

Indications & Balance: Those with predominant Kapha are susceptible to weight gain, respiratory congestion, depression, and oversleeping. Kapha is aggravated by sweet, sour, and salty tastes, cold, damp climates, excessive sleep, and lack of stimulating exercise. The tastes of bitter, pungent (spicy), and astringent balances Kapha, along with energetic activities, dry heat, invigorating scents, and energizing teas and spices to maintain their profound stamina and generous spirit.

Tridosha DoshaTRIDOSHA is an equal combination of the three doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. This is a very rare constitutional type and contains the balance of all attributes.

Characteristics: Remember that no matter what your body type, every person contains the elemental forces of all the three doshas in varying degrees. It is the many different combinations that we encompass which makes us unique in our relationship to the whole and defines our role in the play of life.