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About Ayurveda

You are invited to embark on a journey towards self-realization. Your true essence, beauty and wellbeing are the gift you give to yourself when you open up to the profound wisdom of right-living through the practice of Ayurveda.


Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a tranquil forest. Observe all around you how things are growing, interconnected and alive. There is a mutual understanding in nature where all beings are in union. We are an integral part of that natural cycle and everything we do, say and think has a cause and effect. Our choices and lifestyle directly impact the vitality and life force of the Cosmos and therefore ourselves. We have a responsibility in discovering who we are so we may nurture the balance of life and enjoy our birthright.

Finding the balance

Ayurveda is an ancient wisdom, or science of life, born more than 5000 years ago in India. By divine will and through the realization of the rishis (seers), Ayurveda was disseminated as a healing practice and a guide for living in harmony with the spirit of nature. The function of Ayurveda is to prevent imbalances from taking hold in the body, maintain the balance of good health and heal diseases caused by imbalances. Ayurveda is a holistic approach to the workings of body, mind and spirit as it recognizes that each person is unique in constitutional make-up and should be treated accordingly to maintain the balance of their elemental life force, rather than their specific symptoms. Ayurveda describes three fundamental universal energies which keep in balance all of life, from the external in nature, to the internal workings and subtle forces of our body and mind.

These three energies or elements are called Tridosha, (three doshas, also known as the biological humours) consisting of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These doshas are the elemental forces which flow through our bodies in varying combinations, creating balance or disturbance according to our lifestyle, thoughts, external factors and most of all our inherited traits, individual characteristics and tendencies.

This refers to such things as our physical body shape, colour of hair, eyes, skin tone, digestive ability as well as emotional balance. These are what make us all unique and give us clues as to what choices we need to make in order to create and maintain a life filled with grace and well-being.

We already know who we are-our instincts, tendencies and preferences guide us to maintain our own balance. It is when we stop listening to our inner wisdom that we lose touch with these personal guides and we forget. You can ask yourself why you feel uncomfortable in the heat of summer and yet savor the chill of a winter’s day. What makes you feel frustrated and irritable if you skip a meal while your friend can go all day forgetting to eat yet feeling fine? We are all different and these differences are determined by those attributes specific to your personal dosha.

So get to know and love yourself with compassion, and go with the tide of nature rather than fight against it. You will realize an incredible shift in your life when you work with the gifts you have been given. Start by discovering what your individual elemental combination is. Find out by getting to know the dosha and begin your journey to the amazing truth of yourself.


The Shri Yantra and Chamunda Mantra (click to discover)

MM_shriyantraIn Ayurveda, we practice holistic healing which works on many levels. We work on healing the mind by purifying our thoughts through mantra, by practicing control over our excessive desires and focusing our goals on helping others, and by being kind and non-judgemental. We also work on healing our body through yoga asanas, correct nutrition and appropriate herbs. Through these practices we ready ourselves for meditation, and ultimate communion with the Divine. As we refine our practice, we notice a shift and allow for more grace to enter our lives.

The Shri Yantra is a complex mystic diagram, which contains within itself the energy of the entire cosmos. It is the yantra of the great goddess, imbued with the auric energy of the powerful force of life. Yantras are used to create a pure and potent space for healing and prayer. The Shri Yantra is powerfully combined with the Chamunda mantra, the mantra of the integrated goddesses, Durga, Kali and Saraswati, along with their three elements of air, fire and water (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) and the three energy centres or chakras at the head, the navel and the base of the spine. The energy is concentrated at the navel, known as the Manipura Chakra, where agni, the fire god resides. This is the seat of Pitta, digestion, the digestive fire. On chanting this mantra while grinding spices, preparing herbs, medicines or foods, that life energy is imbued into the preparation, bringing with it, a potency and subtle healing force.

mortar_and_pestle_shri_pageThese days time seems too short and such rituals too involved, however there is a profound awareness which comes from such practices and a slowing down which brings one to a deeper appreciation and profound sense of peace and glowing health. The same as preparing our food with generosity of spirit, we can prepare our spices, herbs and remedies with a greater sense of nature’s great gift to us.Chanting the Goddess mantra while grinding seeds and spices brings those healing, energizing qualities into the masalas and herbal remedies being created.

At The Mystic Masala, we chant the chamundayai mantra while melding our spice blends. Many have commented about the magical quality of these masalas. We believe they are amazing too, and bring with them an energy of celebration and vitality to food.

For grinding spices, choose your mortar and pestle with great care. If it is too smooth it will be difficult to grind the spices to a powder. There are many beautiful options available in wood, marble and stone. Stone is a good choice as it is very versatile and effective and the sound of the seeds cracking against the stone is evocative of the earth element, stirring memories from deep within.

Om Shanti!