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Wild Earth NepalOur Mystic Mission is to bring you the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda through the vibrancy of our aromatherapy products. We hold the vision of contributing to the well-being of all life, through the enjoyment and perception of nature’s intelligence and beauty.

At The Mystic Masala, our intention is to work with fair trade communities and small local producers, using mostly organic and wild crafted ingredients and sustainable practices. We believe in nurturing our Mother Earth and living gently on her soil.

Our relationship with Wild Earth Nepal, a women’s fair trade cooperative in Kathmandu, gives us the opportunity to work with authentic Ayurvedic knowledge and wildcrafted herbs and to contribute to women’s and rural economic development in Nepal. Ayurvedic Healers, herbalists and practitioners work together with us to create these truly magnificent soaps and body/face oils. Herbs are wildcrafted in the Himalayas and oils are infused for weeks in the sun. After the healing properties of the herbs have infused into the oils, the essential oils are then added. A traditional Ayurvedic Tibetan Cold Process ensures maximum benefits for your skin and for mind, body and spirit!

The herbs are sustainably gathered from community-owned forests and private farms.

  • We support the training of proper harvesting techniques in rural communities and the conservation of rare and endangered plant products.
  • We do not believe in using rare or endangered plant products or improperly harvested plant products.
  • We support the empowerment of Nepalese women, and through Wild Earth, we work with NGOs who support women such as Women’sCraft, WEFD, ICIMOD, the Mountain Institute, and World Wildlife Fund’s Plants and People Project.
  • We believe in fair trade principles, fostering a working environment based on respect and dignity with fair wages.

Our products offer both the wisdom and beauty of Ayurveda and a depth of expertise, passion and intuition. We look forward to sharing our vision with you, and to immerse you in delicious fragrances that will invoke your deepest sense of peace.