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Aroma for Your Dosha!

Aroma for Your Dosha - The Nose Knows!

From the Mystic Musings newsletter for January 2015 >>

Just one sniff of a pure essential oil and your limbic system responds YES or NO. Your nose knows – so use that as your ultimate guide when choosing your aromatherapy friends. For list of specific scents for each dosha, feel free to download our AROMA FOR YOUR DOSHA chart below.


VATA, the elemental force of air and ether (and for all doshas in the Fall Season) need sweet, warming, grounding and soothing aromatherapy to pacify and balance the cold, dry, quick, changeable nature of Vata and during the Fall Season.
HELPS: Calms and grounds the central nervous system. Warms the skin. Soothes the mental noise. Brings a feeling of stability.

PITTA, the elemental force of Fire and Water (and all doshas in the Summer Season) need sweet, fragrant, cooling, calming aromatherapy to balance the intense, fiery and sharp nature of Pitta and during the Summer season.
HELPS: Cools an overheated body/mind. Softens mental rigidity. Brings love and compassion for self an others.

KAPHA, the elemental force of Water and Earth (and all doshas in the Winter/Spring Season) need warm, energizing, and uplifting aromatherapy to counterbalance the sluggish, heavy and cool nature of Kapha and during the Winter/Spring season.
HELPS: Stimulate circulation in the body and enliven dullness of the mind. Uplifts the mood, helping to ease depression and stagnancy.


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